A review, and links to other information about and reviews of The Other Side by Alfred Kubin. When the protagonist of The Other Side by Alfred Kubin follows an invitation to take up residence in the secret Dream Kingdom that his school. Author: Alfred Kubin The Other Side tells of a dream kingdom which becomes a nightmare, of a journey to Pearl, a mysterious city created.

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Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. Did you forget to put on the address? Haven’t you done enough for today? It’s an interesting commentary that an American named Hercules Bell comes to the “Dream Realm” and is a catalyst for it’s destruction. It was reprinted a number of times since it was written around I think with more and more of his autobiography added – obviously as he wrote it.

Kubin doesn’t gradually lead from reality to dream-world; rather, he teeters artfully between the two for most of the novel, and this is part of makes The Other Side effective. One third of the area is mountainous, the rest consists of plains and hills. That’s exactly how this very disturbing novel begins.

Dec 28, Andy rated it really liked it. Although provision has been made to ensure there are no material shortages, the whole thrust of the principal aims of this community is directed less towards the maintenance of property and goods, the population, individuals.

Study of the subconscious mind? Mystery of the Yellow Room Gaston Leroux. It is not at all the intention of kubbin lord of this country to create kubinn utopia, a kind of model state for the future. Wild animals start invading the city and attacking people. Creatures large and small have multiplied and infested the city.


Weird #1 The Other Side (excerpt) by Alfred Kubin (1908)

Nov 20, Talie rated it it was amazing Shelves: But it didn’t take long after they settled into the odd habits of the Dream Country nation that an arrival of a new citizen challenged the Status Quo of the Dreamers’ way of life and thus brought upon its destruction. To begin with the sky is always overcast. I took a look at what other reviews said. Fortunately Mike Mitchell’s translation of The Other Side has recently been released in an ebook format for only ten dollars.

The Other Side

Review quote “It was almost a vision of evil. He had a very gloomy life to match his macabre artwork. Nothing is new here. In the early s the unnamed kubim narrator of The Other Sidea former graphic artist in his seventies, writes down what happened forty years earlier when he lived somewhere in Central Asia for a while.

Please, siee shouldn’t be this hard. Vividly imagined, with Kubin’s fairly simple black snap-shot illustrations punctuating and amplifying the text, The Other Side is a novel of its times that, alfreed utilizing elements, nevertheless doesn’t neatly slot into the other literary trends of the day: Your old friend then set out upon the realization of an idea for which access to fairly inexhaustible financial resources is absolutely prerequisite.

But all of these pieces end up being more interesting than sixe story itself, and the beginning was quite slow. Plagues of insects inundate the city. The nurse was a fucking bitch, though, and I’m sure she would have made some mouth noise I could have construed as an invader from the evil mental lands across the gray mass seas.


Society stops what it is doing and falls asleep. In the first half I thought it a political fable but I lost that sense.

The Other Side : Alfred Kubin :

The Other Side introduces several important images and patterns of wide that will become prominent in later weird tales. This man has at his disposal what is by European standards, untold wealth. Die Leute redeten sich in ihre Suggestionen gewaltsam ein.

The doctor didn’t say to read this so it’s not really his fault. Or is it deliberately put forward to introduce us to concepts from the deep beyond?

Villagers abuse their dinner forks. Moving there at his behest made no kind of gut sense to me. View all 6 comments. The narrator tries to seek out Patera for some answers, but Patera remains elusive — both omnipresent, it seems, and yet hard to reach.

That sums up much of otjer book, too. Just east of Samarkand A dream idyll becomes a nightmare in this darkly demented novel, whose utterly bizarre narrative pre-empts many of the stranger tropes of twentieth-century decadent fiction.