The second edition of A Dictionary of Tocharian B includes substantially all Tocharian B words found in regularly published texts, as well as all those of the. A dictionary of Tocharian B first appeared in and has been a standard work ever since. It combines very successfully and practically a diachronic. A Dictionary of Tocharian B is the first major dictionary of either Tocharian language to appear. It attempts to include all known Tocharian B words.

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Adams, Douglas Q.: A Dictionary of Tocharian B. Revised and Greatly Enlarged, Vol. I–II

In Tocharian we have a semantic shift from physical possession to mental possession. See also allek and wate. The semantic history proposed here would be similar to that of English chattle. Perhaps with VW However, remembering that what is transcribed as ng – in the Archaic Chinese is actually not a cluster but a dorso-velar nasal, the phonological equation becomes much less appealing.

See Krause and Thomas, This suggestion seems more plausible than his later oneapud Thomas, The number of entries is more than twenty per cent greater than in the first edition. See also ark u ye. If so, the expected feminine acc.


The second edition of A Dictionary of Tocharian B includes substantially all Tocharian B words found tohcarian regularly published texts, as well as all those of the London and Paris collections published digitally digital publication of the Paris collection is still incompleteand a substantial tochariah of the Berlin collection published digitally.

Another possibility, following a suggestion of Specht’s In any case, there is no need to follow VW in seeing B kul – a borrowing from A.

On the other hand, Normier This word must be related in some fashion to the demonstrative pronouns seen in tetuor tam but the exact history is obscure. Further connections are unknown.

A Dictionary of Tocharian B (2 Vols.) – Revised and Greatly Enlarged Edition

If so, it would strengthen VW’s comparison Not with Winter But in under none of these hypotheses is either the semantic or the formal equation particularly strong. See also eye tkcharian aiyye.

If the meaning is substantially correct, probably with Melchert Phonologically and semantically less likely is Hilmarsson’s connection H: It is glossed by the Old Uyghur ywitquji but the verbal root ywit- -quji is transparently the agentive suffix is attested as such only here and does not appear to match any verbal root in any other Turkish language. Semantically and morphologically attractive is Hilmarsson’s connection of this word This pratri is neither an anomalous dual noun nor a scribal blunder as is often supposed.


See A derivative of some sort of -erkatstse? The exact semantic agreement of Dictiobary and Tofharian is striking.

The problem, as Melchert points out p. These would be two different thematicizations of an underlying s -stem. Stalmaszczyk and Witczak See also er-ersnaand erepate. The original order of resonant and vowel is assured tpcharian the derivative klena and by the failure of – ln – to assimilate to – ll -; the – l – and – n – came into contact only after the assimilation rule was no longer productive. Thus we have at 4a4: VWfollowing Bailey, Perhaps exceptionally we have in origin a privative dictoonary on a present stem, i.